Coming Up and Aerowaves

The annual Aerowaves meeting took place in Lublin, Poland from 24-27 October 2013. Of 419 eligible applications, 20 were selected as Priority Companies by 38 members of the network, representing 25 European countries. The selected artists hail from 14 countries. Coming Up is one of the priority companies!




Coming Up in Hammerfest!

Coming Up was performed in Hammerfest, Norway Last weekend!



After a bit of silence, finally a new post!

So….I’ve been travelling since july, working with John the Houseband on our new production.
We started with an outdoor show in Malmö:Image

Then we worked in Stadtteater Freiburg for a month:


In the beginning of September we played a concert in HetVeem Theater Amsterdam as a part of AMS/BER/BXL conference…


The concert in Amsterdam was our first full concert with the new material we created in Freiburg. The concert also served as the release of our first CD’s; all six of us burned our favourite recordings on discs, resulting in a big pile of diverse John the Houseband records.

After almost three weeks of break from each other, we’re approaching our next stop; Warsaw!

Coming Up is up…

Here is a full edited version of Coming Up finally online…. Enjoy!


Our trailer for Coming Up!

Coming Up!

Choreographers of the year at the Icelandic Theater Awards!


Soon off….

….for a new creation with John the Houseband!

johnthehouseband_catsFor those who are interested – here is the exciting plan…

28th of july: the absolute end of our John Quixote journey through Europe in MALMÖ

The month of august we’ll be inhabiting FREIBURG. make sure to drop by if you’re around

7th of september: the first NEW CONCERT back in our spiritual home AMSTERDAM. some might call it a première…

Fingers crossed to make a stop in ROME one week later

26th (or 27th) we play in WARSAW

5th of october we’re in KORTRIJK (BUDA)

14th and 15th of october we’ll be presenting in FREIBURG

and then we’re off for ESSEN (PACT)

so far so good. that’s all we know. and now you know too. we know it might be difficult, but it would be really great if you could clear your agenda for one of these dates and come and see us! Auf wiedersehen!